Accelerate, I believe, changed the course of David’s perception of himself and the world around him, and taught our entire family how to understand some of David’s world. As I watch him play, splashing, sharing and squealing with joy, I can’t help but wonder...where would we be without Accelerate?
— Joanna Dingman
These kids learn how to interact, socialize and PLAY with other kids while working on their delays and challenges. The gift of having my Emme actually LOOK me in the eyes, hug me, smile at me, tell me she loves me? Priceless!!
— Renee Quanbeck
The therapy provided gave our son confidence and we saw almost immediate changes in his ability to express himself. This ultimately lead to more fun for the whole family.
— Anonymous
Their name really should be ‘Lightspeed’ as they have applied their philosophies, experience and professionalism in an unbelievably effective way. To make this all work our whole family had to come together to make sure Holden was supported, but it never occurred to us that Accelerate would be this effective. They have shown that their existence is about doing what they love and holistically demonstrating their passion for the enhancement of our child.
— Mark Chamberlain
If I had accepted that he had autism and needed to follow picture schedules for his whole life and always tried to accommodate his comfort level - I am afraid I would have limited him and we wouldn’t be where we are. He had many screaming fits in public and a lot of judgement was passed on us, but we pushed past that and here we are- still growing and learning. It’s not a life-sentence.
— Dena Akridge
Roman is able to do so many things that he didn’t do when he first began at Accelerate. He now loves to interact with other kids, sits and eats at the table, tries new foods, goes to Sunday School at church, is potty trained and follows direction! We have seen great success!
— Haley
As a mom, I knew from a very early age that my Dawson was not a “typical” baby. Accelerate assessed him, answered my questions and calmed my fears. A day before Dawson’s first birthday he started working at Accelerate on a daily basis. Each and every day I was given a verbal report of what they were working on, strengths and continued areas of need. No negativity....ALL HOPE!! At the end of 4 short weeks, my son made eye contact with me, reached out for me when I came to pick him up, was aware and attentive to his environment, was starting to initiate the sounds and actions of those around him and most importantly, he was smiling!! The change was significant and everyone who knew Dawson noticed it! Dawson had a personality! He was engaged, he was excited, he was smiling! Accelerate far exceeded my expectations!
— April Pedersen
Amazing, absolutely amazing! Accelerate knows exactly what the kids need.
— Amanda