The Benefits of Creative Play - Turning OFF the Screens

Young children learn through movement and exploration of their environment.  Movement enhances attention and learning ability. This type of play encourages development of creativity and imagination.  It helps develop physical, cognitive, and emotional strengths and provides opportunity for social interaction and emotional growth. It helps your child learn to interact with others and build family bonds.  In addition, creative play helps build problem-solving skills, confidence, and resilience necessary for success later in childhood and adult life. Through creative play you build on motor skills, communication, social interaction, and daily living skills.   Because this is such an important part of development and learning, we will be posting a series of blogs on creative play ideas for you to do with your toddlers and preschoolers.  We encourage time each and every day where the screens are off and the focus is on you, your child and playtime!  Engage your child in creative, hands-on, and multi-sensory play instead of screen time.  Your child wants your full attention and time so turn YOUR screen off as well! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • coloring/painting
  • puzzles
  • crafts
  • bike riding
  • bubbles
  • nursery rhymes or songs
  • reading books
  • legos, blocks, dolls or dress-up
  • arrange play dates with friends
  • outdoor play

Tune into our series of  Ideas for Creative Play.   We will be focusing on a different aspect of development and how you can address these in playtime with your kids.  Please feel free to add your comments or ideas!